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Curcuma Tradition


강황 is a deciduous herbaceous perennial with thick, fleshy, branched rhizomes. Their “stems” are normally not true stems, however really pseudostems, on account of they’re composed of prolonged, succulent, interlocked leaf petioles from which the leaves come up. Pseudostems with clasping leaves are frequent on this group of vegetation and may additionally be seen in every canna and bananas. The entire genera throughout the household Zingiberaceae have meals storage rhizomes with a “gingery” or “lemony” scent. The leaves, that are similar to a canna, could be steady inexperienced, variegated, or have a purple central blotch.

Curcuma have flower spikes that come up from the highest of the pseudostem or typically on a separate stem immediately from the rhizome. Flowering might occur early throughout the rising season, merely sooner than the leaves unfurl or together with them hosted predictive dialer late within the rising season, relying on the species. The bracts near the very best of the spike are vibrant and showy, however don’t want florets. The florets are held lower down on the spike amongst a lot less-showy bracts. Like poinsettias, the exact flowers aren’t the featured attraction. The florets are white, yellow, pink or orange in shade and the bracts might be quite a lot of colours together with white, pink, yellow, inexperienced, burgundy, or multicolored. The final impact is that of a technicolored pinecone. Curcumas need heat to set off flowering and thus do successfully in warmth climates such as a result of the Southeast US. In delicate climates (like Good Britain) Curcuma would possibly develop successfully nonetheless by no means bloom.


Although Curcuma come from heat parts of the world, they bear a dormant interval by means of which the crops die once more to the rhizome after which are gradual to re-emerge within the spring. Many gardeners assume that they’ve misplaced their crops nonetheless are relieved to see them lastly emerge in June and July when the soil temperatures heat up 울금효능.

Of their native habitats, Curcuma emerge by means of the monsoon season and are triggered to vary into dormant by dry local weather. This roughly corresponds to the winter/summer season cycle in temperate gardens. Ginger skilled, Tony Schilling, says “take care of them to monsoon circumstances – warmth, moist and correctly fed within the summertime, and funky and dry throughout the winter.” In case you occur to let your Curcuma get too dry, they might lose their leaves and stop flowering. Moist, however properly-drained, organically-wealthy, barely acidic soils produce the very best flowering. Curcuma favor photo voltaic for a minimum of a few hours, however most species might even do optimistic in excessive, open shade.


Now we’ve got moreover discovered that curcumas will perform finest if lifted and divided each 5 years as a technique to protect their vigor. In doing so, bear in mind the truth that in case you divide the crops when they’re too small, they may not flower for a few years. At a minimal, depart three-5 eyes (the creamy pointy issues) per division, nonetheless additional is healthier. Dividing is best carried out in spring or summer season season. When re-planting, place the rhizomes four-6″ beneath the ground to current them some chilly safety, although the rhizomes will ultimately develop to the depth that almost all precisely matches them.

After frost kills the tops, likelihood is you may within the discount of the stems and compost them or depart them alone and the stems will detach from the rhizomes naturally. In climates the place the curcumas aren’t winter hardy, raise and retailer the rhizomes inside in a subject of sawdust or peat moss (to forestall desiccation) the place the temperatures preserve above freezing.

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